Ushering New Era in the Regulation of Gaming Industry in Tanzania
Major Activities

Major activities of the Gaming Board of Tanzania include the following:

Gaming Board of Tanzania is responsible for issuing licenses to all gaming operators. Until the end of the financial year 2006/2007, a total of eight casinos and one national lottery were in operation including 219 slot machine route operations.

In ensuring compliance to the gaming law and regulations, inspections are carried out continuously to ascertain full compliance of the pertinent law. Inspections include inter alia, suitability of gaming premises, safety requirements, organization structure and gaming employees licenses. Other areas of inspection include compliance with gaming devices minimum requirements and casino internal control procedures.

Collection of Gaming Tax
The responsibility of collection of gaming tax was vested to the Gaming Board of Tanzania effective 1st July 2006. The collection is made from all gaming activities such as casinos, national lotteries and route operations.

Casinos pay 13% of the weekly gross gaming revenue while national lottery pay a total of 15% tax per lottery (10% gaming tax, 3% royalty and 2% gaming levy).